An introduction to Carniel Alessandro.

About Carniel Alessandro

Private Life

I'live in Rupinpiccolo litte village near Trieste . You can find me on Google map coordinates . I live in a old style house but full restyling .. My hobby is some workwood , photography , gardening and cooking; I love to play tennis and some time skating..I love so much animals like dogs and cats. For hobby i had made some nice images using raytrace technique..

Professional Life

I working for Synchrotron Light Laboratory in AREA Science Park and made some other technical hardware-software consultant.   My Knowledge is :

* RadioFrequency circuit design

* Digital circuit design

* Software development under Linux and gcc/cygwin multi platform software

* Graphic software using Gtk library

* System manager for Unix Linux System

* Wireless network advanced knowledge

* Voice over IP test adn resarch

In year's 2002 i had develop a complete CPU board using Intel strong arm processor ... Arm Linux Netwok prototype

Also in the past I develop for a Maritime company some high level software regarding booking ,chekin and reservation system that is certified under Marine Greek Ministry requiment for Safety System (SOLAS 90)


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The 23rd Particle Accelerator Conference 2009 Vancouver Canada PREINJECTOR GUN UPGRADE, TIMING AND SYNCHRONIZATION AND PREPARATION FOR TOP-UP INJECTION IN ELETTRA A.Carniel,S.Bassanese,M.Ferianis,E.Karantzoulis,C.Scafuri,A.vascotto Sincrotrone Trieste Italy


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